Seat Resale Program

In 2017, Diamond and Gold Rabbitohs Members will be able to sell their seat for any home game at ANZ Stadium if they cannot attend.

By releasing your seat for sale, you are giving other Rabbitohs Members the opportunity to fill your seat and experience the action like you do! You will also receive a $15 credit against your 2018 Membership for every seat of yours that is sold.

If you are a 2017 Rabbitohs Diamond, Gold, Silver, General Admission, The Burrow, QLD, WA, Five-game Flexi, Three-game Flexi, International or Supporter Member, you are eligible to purchase tickets through our seat resale program.

For full terms and conditions surrounding the program including when seats must be released and how the credit system works please contact the Rabbitohs Membership Team on 02 8306 9922 Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

How to resell your seat:


Log in to your RABBITOHS ACCOUNT MANAGER using your email address and password.


Under the heading ‘Manage My Products’, you will find the next Rabbitohs Home Game which is available for you to sell your seats.


Select ‘manage this event’.


Select ‘Return’ to activate the seats you hold for selection.


Check the box for the seats you would like to sell. If you have multiple seats they will display in a list here. You can choose to sell them all or as many as you like. Tick the seat that you want to put up for resale and press ‘return’ on the right side of the screen.


You will see a summary of the seats you’ve selected for resale for your selected game.

NOTE: You can also uncheck any incorrect selections or click cancel if you’re not finished with your selection.

If your selection is correct please press ‘Continue to return’.


Check details shown on the review page. Please ensure you tick the ‘agree to terms’ disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

If you’re happy with your selection, select ‘submit’.


Check your seat details are correct on the Return Summary page. You will see the amount of credit you will receive displayed next to your seat.

Select ‘Manage more products’ to place additional seats up for resale.

Note: You can put multiple seats in your cart and then proceed to ‘Return’ to save time.

Note: You can cancel your seat post, up until 9am of the Thursday before each match. This can be done by selecting transfer and resale on the applicable match. Then click cancel post. You will then be able to use your seat on game day. If the match is on a Thursday night then the cut-off becomes 9am Wednesday of that week.


You will receive a confirmation email confirming your seat has been put up for sale. Congratulations! You have helped a fellow Rabbitohs Member make it to the game!


How to buy a seat:

If you are a 2017 Rabbitohs Rabbitohs Diamond, Gold, Silver, General Admission, The Burrow, QLD, WA, Five-game Flexi, Three-game Flexi, International or Supporter Member you are eligible to purchase tickets through our seat resale program.

For each Rabbitohs home game at ANZ Stadium, 2017 Rabbitohs Members can purchase seats that have been released by Diamond or Gold Members that cannot attend the game, giving all Members exclusive access to attend home games in the best seats!

How can I purchase these released seats?

Simply click here from 12pm on the Thursday prior to each ANZ Stadium home game and enter your Membership number to access this exclusive ticket offer. Seats can also be purchased by calling Ticketek on 132 849 or by visiting a Ticketek outlet.

Please note, these seats cannot be purchased via the Rabbitohs Membership Team.

How many tickets can I purchase?

Members can purchase as many seats as they want. Please note seats will be available in the Diamond and Gold categories of ANZ Stadium only.

When can I purchase these seats?

Seats will be available for purchase from 12pm the Thursday prior to each home match right up until kick-off or until sold out. The seat re-sale program is designed to ensure our boys in red and green play before a big crowd, as well as give Members the chance to sit close to the action.

No further seats will be released for sale through this program after 12pm Thursday prior to each ANZ Stadium match.

If the Rabbitohs game occurs on a Thursday night then seats will be available to purchase from 12pm Wednesday prior to the game.

Note: The seats that are being released back may appear in a variety of locations and numbers. They could be single seats or in a group.



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